UEFA EURO 2020 Host City Volunteers Program BUDAPEST

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Briefly about the Volkswagen Mobility Makers volunteers program

For the UEFA EURO 2020, two volunteers programs are launched, one of them within the organization of the Hungarian Football Federation (MLSZ) – (UEFA EURO 2020 Volunteers Program) is achieved and directly affects the Ferenc Puskás Stadium (application on this has been already closed), and within the host city Volkswagen Mobility Makers volunteers program, which is operating in the main areas, junctions of the host city. On this site, we are looking for such volunteers for the latter one, the Volkswagen Mobility Maker volunteers program, who may help us to welcome, instruct and inform the visitors in the designated areas of Budapest.

The UEFA EURO2020 Football Championship is organized next summer for the sixteenth time. The history of the Championship goes back to the 1960’s, when this event was hosted for the first time in France, when it was still called European Nations Cup.

In 2020, the 24 teams plays the matches for one month between 12th June 2020 and 12th July 2020. The first round is played by the teams between 12th and 16th July, the second one between 17th and 20th July, whilst the third one between 21st and 24th July.
Hungary will be also an host city. In Budapest, matches will be played in the Ferenc Puskás Stadium on 16th June, 20th June and 24th June 2020.

  • Fans’ Zone – Public Auditorium (Heroes’ Square)
  • Fan’s Zone – Football Village (Olof Palme Avenue)
  • VIP Zone (City Park Ice Rink)
  • Fans’ Zone (Dózsa György Road & Stefánia Road)
  • Airport
  • Hotels
  • Main public transport junctions – at information desks or directly at the public transport vehicle (Western & Easter Train Stations, Puskás Arena, Széll Kálmán Square, Dózsa György Road, Oktogon, Heroes’ Square-Kelenföld-Margaret Island, etc.)
  • Places of interest (Buda Castle, Parliament, Fisherman’s Station, Basilica, etc.)

We are looking for supporters for the VW Mobility Maker Volunteers Program on the following dates:

  • 3-5th April 2020, Trophy Tour
  • from 29th May 2020 to 26th July 2020, during the whole term of the UEFA EURO 2020 Championship, and prior to and following the event, during the two weeks period each.

Within the framework of the program, You can have a sight behind the scenes of Europe’s largest scale sports event, and You can get practical experience as the participant of a huge team in very different fields. Are You interested about accreditation, ceremony, transport, media, event organization or visitors’ services? You may choose from multiple duties – You can read in details in an itemized, listed manner.

According to the nature of the work, volunteers are going to deal with multiple professional fields, which they can choose on their own based on their scope of interest and own skills:


Gradual launch of traffic for public transport vehicles, schedules, routes, etc.


Brief introduction of places of interest, their approach, events, must-to-do programs, tourist information, etc.


Sport programs, sport facilities, participation to the management of sport programs, etc.


Program-events, providing information, etc.


Entry, assistance to personal check, package custody, etc.


Participation to the operation of IT equipment, assistance to the IT-experts’ work.


Assisting the traffic of hosts—authority persons, etc., assistance to achieve the supply-cleaning time schedule, etc.


Assistance to the job of healthcare specialists.


Performance of hostess tasks, assistance to catering services, etc.


This is the first time in the history of the Football Europe Championships, that the Championship is organized in 12 European cities in total, instead of a single location. From this aspect, this is a revolutionary, but from other aspects, a traditional sport event having 40 years of history. The goal of the UEFA is to create value together with the volunteers, and we need You for this!

This is the biggest sport even in Hungary’s history so far, as well as the first one regarding the European Football Championships, where we may become a host. Here are the 12 cities that host the 16th European Football Championship: Amsterdam, Baku, Bilbao, Bucharest, Budapest, Copenhagen, Dublin, Glasgow, London, Munich, Rome, Saint-Petersburg. Being in this list is honourable, and it is another joy, that the most beautiful city of Europe, and probably the whole world, the capital of Hungary, Budapest may become an element of the very first ‘travelling’ Championship.

We are looking for if:

  • You like social events
  • you are committed to sports
  • You like football and events
  • You would like to get new friends and relationships
  • You would like to get some experiences
  • You feel yourself creative: You would like to create something special
  • You are inspired by large-scale events
  • You would be motivated, if You created value as a member of a team consisting of thousands
  • You are looking for a lifetime experience
  • You would spend your summer holiday useful
  • You would be glad for the many gifts that You get in exchange for your work
  • You need community working hours (eg. for your final exam)


  • You are over the age of 14
  • You can speak a foreign language on at least a basic level
  • You are free for at least one match day (16th June, 20th June, 24th June, 28th June 2020.


The chosen persons get the opportunity to get outstanding event host and directing experiences in the 2020 UEFA Championship. Volunteers get accreditation according to their position, full Adidas uniform (including shoes) and catering, as well as free local public transport opportunity, and in the end of the event, a closing party is organized for them, where they get a Certificate and other gifts. All-in-all, they may get a lifetime experience.

* Our Promoters:

The full working wear (Adidas Mobility Maker T-shirt, hoody, cap, windcheater and satchel will be yours!)

  • Sziget , Volt, EFFOT festivals
  • Adidas sport equipment voucher
  • Budapest Zoo and Arboretum
  • City Park Skate Rink
  • Szabó Ervin Library
  • Rock Hospital
  • Budapest Zrt. spas and beaches (Széchenyi Spa, Paskál Spa, Palatinus Beach)
  • MAC, Margaret Island Athletic Centrum
  • Summer Festival 2020 events

*A felsorolt felajánlóink ajándékai közül nem kap minden önkéntes minden ajándékból. Az önkéntesek között az ajándékokat a ledolgozott munkanapokkal arányosan osztjuk szét, egy ún. lépcsőzetes rendszer szerint.